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American History Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

American History - Research Paper Example o operate by a bottom-up philosophy by federally job creation and welfare benefits therefore forming a social affiliation with working class persons including labor unions and racial minorities or by deregulating businesses to supposedly allow them freedom to correct the economy by expanding thus producing more jobs which would, in turn, force money back into the economy. Contrary to popular opinion, the nation was not moving in a socialist direction.   The New Deal represented the existing capitalist societal structure culture. For example, its policies continued the already wide division between what are thought of as ‘worthy poor,’ mostly widows and their kids and the ‘unworthy poor,’ which included almost everyone else, who were disregarded. The main goal of the New Deal was to rescue American capitalism. Roosevelt sought the backing of business leaders in the fulfilling this undertaking. Roosevelt told the business magnates who were against his policies at first that the New Deal was economic protection for the ‘farsighted conservative.’   Some historians maintain that Roosevelt initially intended the government’s involvement in rebuilding the economy to be limited.   His purpose of the New Deal was not to encourage a communal undertaking which communist or socialist governments employed in Europe.   He wanted neither big business interests nor the quickly budding labor unions to become a puppet of the government or the other way around. Roosevelt did not arrive at the New Deal strategies on independent analysis but as the result of the many forces surrounding him. The economic conditions at that desperate time demanded that the solutions promote positive relations between the working class an d capitalist class, each of whom had contrasting interests. Within the working class were differing interests as well. â€Å"While labor unions lobbied for employers’ liability laws, social reformers worked for maximum hours for women workers, minimum

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A business report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

A business report - Essay Example The mind emanates from the brain and is composed of the processes of the brain. The mind exists only with the presence of the brain. However, the mind is not the same as the brain. Descartes’ dualism theory tried to explain the existence of the mind and body as two fundamentally different articles. However, there are a number of scientific phenomena which indicate the evidence of the mind being a product of the brain. In this regard, once the brain is not able to exist, (such as by death) the mind will also not exist. Immortality would not be able to exist because the soft parts of the human existence (the mind) are dependent on the physical existence of the persons (the physical body). Immortality could therefore only exist if the human body existed. However, with the death of the body, the immortality of the mind (or souls for that matter) would not achieve immortality. There is no substantiation that can be offered to indicate that the soul or the mind lives past death (destruction of the physical being). Locke theory is supportive of this as it identified the personality of an individual as depending on the memories, which die after